Monday, March 12, 2007

Free download youtube video

Many people already youtube already.Youtube is Great site have million great video like a video search engine.
You gotta watch the video on youtube site.But imagine how good is it if you can download the youtube video.To keep it as your video collection before your favourite video removed by user.
Here's some suggestion.

1.Go youtube download site like
Grabyoutubes that already change to dlthis

2.put the youtube that you want to download
like to the box > press download
3.Download video press right click >save target as
Remember You must to save file as .flv
4.Download free FLV player to play the file download here FLV player to open the file >Drag and drop the file to flv player ..Enjoy the video

Convert the youtube Flv file to play with window media player
The file that we got from it's a FLV format that you gotta open it with FLV player only.If you want to open with winamp or window media player.
You gotta convert it to wma format or avi.To open it with every pc or sent it to your friend that not have the flv player.Convert it with Audio/Video To Exe 1.4 free download here

Install Audio/Video To Exe 1.4 > convert Flv to .Exe press the button build EXE
Audio/Video To Exe 1.4 will convert the Flv file exe

Others Flv player
Riva Flv player beautiful look

Gom player play many file format including FLV

for Windows player many file format including FLV

VLC media player