Monday, March 12, 2007

Window home server :The home digital

When the American buy a brand new house they looking for the digital system to provide the gadget to work well in the house ,too.By the house builder is a person who set up the "Media server" for the house.The question is What is "Media server"?
The answer is "Media server" is The computer server that connect with the computer and all gadget with wire or wireless in the house.The server that's provide the media network service that connect to all the computer and gadget every where every times or even while you're away from home you can access to your computer at home that different from the old server that provide,to share file or printer with other computers with not every time.
The Media server function to manage the file like photo,mp3,video to share them with other computers with high speed wireless network.It's like the connect all the computers and gadgets with high speed wireless network all the time to share the entertainment and media.

Video: Windows Home Server CES 2007

Bill Gate just launched the "Window Home Server CES 2007" that's the latest tech for home digital to share the media,connect every computers together even the media player like Zune or Xbox.

Check boxes tool in Vista

The another new Interface in Window vista that's cool and helpful is called "Check boxes".
Check boxes in vista is come instead My computer and window explorer that the idea for check boxes is much easier for you to select file.In Xp when you want to select a lot of file you have to press ctrl while you select a many files that sometime it's make the files accidental delete or many inconvenience reason.But you can solve this kind of problem by "check boxes" that help you much easier,correctly select the file or even many files.

For Vista RC1 this function is not default.
You can use this by open the computer > tool > folder options > Tab views >looking for the "Use check boxes to select items" in advance setting > ok
now you can easier to choose a lot of files

Run command in Window vista

There have something appear in the start menu in Window xp and not have in Vista.
For the xp user we familiar to go to the run command by the start menu but Vista not have that menu in start menu.Actually if you can remember the short key like window+R that it's not a problem because of you can function it the same.The thing is if you want to have the Run command to appear at the start menu like xp did.You got it.

1.Right click on task bar > properties> click tab start menu > click customize
2.Scroll the bar until you find the "Run command" >check box >ok

click start menu you'll find the "Run command" old friend back to you.

Increase the Vista performance with thumb drive

Even Window vista design to work for the high performance computer.But you have choice to increase your performance even better.Window vista have one function call "Window ready boost" that can work with thumb drive and other removable disk via USB 2.0 as a second cache.

The Meaning of Cache (Wikipedia)
Cache is a collection of data duplicating original values stored elsewhere or computed earlier, where the original data is expensive (usually in terms of access time) to fetch or compute relative to reading the cache. Once the data is stored in the cache, future use can be made by accessing the cached copy rather than re-fetching or recomputing the original data, so that the average access time is lower.
Caches have proven to be extremely effective in many areas of computing because access patterns in typical computer applications have locality of reference. There are several kinds of locality, but this article primarily deals with data that are accessed close together in time (temporal locality). The data might or might not be located physically close to each other (spatial locality).

So the removable disk like thumb drive is cache that can help you to increase the performance to work on Vista.

How to:
1.connect your Thumb drive 512 Mb up to computer
2.Wait for the automatic "Auto play" pop up
3.Click the button "speed up my system"

4.Then choose the "use the device" > follow the wizard
That's it ...only the 4 easy step you'll increase your computer's performance to another level.

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Free download youtube video

Many people already youtube already.Youtube is Great site have million great video like a video search engine.
You gotta watch the video on youtube site.But imagine how good is it if you can download the youtube video.To keep it as your video collection before your favourite video removed by user.
Here's some suggestion.

1.Go youtube download site like
Grabyoutubes that already change to dlthis

2.put the youtube that you want to download
like to the box > press download
3.Download video press right click >save target as
Remember You must to save file as .flv
4.Download free FLV player to play the file download here FLV player to open the file >Drag and drop the file to flv player ..Enjoy the video

Convert the youtube Flv file to play with window media player
The file that we got from it's a FLV format that you gotta open it with FLV player only.If you want to open with winamp or window media player.
You gotta convert it to wma format or avi.To open it with every pc or sent it to your friend that not have the flv player.Convert it with Audio/Video To Exe 1.4 free download here

Install Audio/Video To Exe 1.4 > convert Flv to .Exe press the button build EXE
Audio/Video To Exe 1.4 will convert the Flv file exe

Others Flv player
Riva Flv player beautiful look

Gom player play many file format including FLV

for Windows player many file format including FLV

VLC media player