Monday, March 12, 2007

Window home server :The home digital

When the American buy a brand new house they looking for the digital system to provide the gadget to work well in the house ,too.By the house builder is a person who set up the "Media server" for the house.The question is What is "Media server"?
The answer is "Media server" is The computer server that connect with the computer and all gadget with wire or wireless in the house.The server that's provide the media network service that connect to all the computer and gadget every where every times or even while you're away from home you can access to your computer at home that different from the old server that provide,to share file or printer with other computers with not every time.
The Media server function to manage the file like photo,mp3,video to share them with other computers with high speed wireless network.It's like the connect all the computers and gadgets with high speed wireless network all the time to share the entertainment and media.

Video: Windows Home Server CES 2007

Bill Gate just launched the "Window Home Server CES 2007" that's the latest tech for home digital to share the media,connect every computers together even the media player like Zune or Xbox.

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