Sunday, March 11, 2007

Adsense tip:Adsense font hack

This Adsense tip is to change our content font and size to look the same adsense ads look like.So your content is to look blend with the adsense ad.

That because of you not allow to change the adsense code it's against the adsense policy.So if you can change the adsense code anyway you can change your content style the blend with adsense unit.
Let's begin to hack ths adsense font
1. open Notepad
put the adsenes into notepad then save as the html or htm file test1.html
2.Use only Firefox to open the file test1.html

3.Save page as: file >save page as >save to test2.html the folder you will see the ads.html >right click >open with > notepad
5.You will see the java code > decode adsense font
6.After the hack we'll get the code like

Try this hack apply to your style Anyway I think this this tip it's just because I think your design look good Becuase I think not best that you dumb your reader to click ad.That's because of If want to build the long time relation with your reader.You should build the trust and reliable.

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