Thursday, March 8, 2007

My Feedburner email form re-design attempt

Hi Reader.Actually this my first post for online tip.Today I install some form and codes.One of these is the Feedburner form that I do love to design it that because of I think the original one is too big so I want the new small one.Here is my attempt to re_design the Feedburner email subscribe form.Here is it.
First Iwant to change the Original one to the small tiny one with the word "Subscribe via Email" inside and the button subscribe change to "Go" and come to the all same line.

I begin with change the code border 1px to 0px and take the tag Delivered by FeedBurner off change to go
that's plain one
I want to put the Text "subscribe via email" to the box
this my 3nd attempt the text " subscribe is out of the box"
the 4th and 5th is the box is double to 2 boxes.But the 6th is look ok and I test by put email to test the form work ???

Here's the code