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Patagonia Kindle Case (Fits 6" Display, Latest Generation Kindle)

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Combining eco-conscienceness with function, the Patagonia Book Case for 2nd Generation Kindle provides great protection in a 100% recycled polyester shell. The screen can be viewed while in the water-resistant case, so you can read and protect at the same time. A poly-mesh handle makes carrying a breeze, and the plastic zipper means that you won't experience metal-interference during wireless access.

Technical Details

- Great protection designed specifically for 6" Display, Latest Generation Kindle
- Polyester-elastic catch straps for easy viewing of entire screen
- Water-resistant, 100% recycled polyester shell
- Internal nylon stretch-woven document pocket
- No metal hardware to interfere with wireless function
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Customer Buzz
 "KINDLE turning "on"" 2009-10-03
By Barbara A. Mee (Londonderry, NH United States)
I have had at least two occasions now when I have gone to use my KINDLE only to discover the battery needs charging. My husband picked this case out when he ordered my KINDLE, and having read the reviews, I am not sure I would have picked it at this point. If I could find the slip, I'd try to return it. As others have stated, the zippers "stick" or are awkward; the tiny corner elastics are pretty useless; and the inside pocket doesn't seem to actually have a purpose. I have put my recharger cord in there, but worry about doing some damage to the screen. However, like my cell phone, going somewhere without a charger can be deadly. I think the on button gets pushed when the case is zipped. Any other ideas? And last weekend I discovered that it keeps telling you your battery needs charging, but you can't "turn it off". What gives???

Customer Buzz
 "Excellent product, the patagonia Kindle case" 2009-09-29
By Kenneth Koprich
This zipper case is really well made and well designed. It solves the problem of carrying the Kindle around and of holding it for reading. The Kindle is difficult to hold. It has no place to grip it securely. It's slippery plastic. But the zipper case solves that with the loops for your hands. There's no slipping when reading. It opens like a book and has the feel of holding a book, which was not true without the case. I can't compare this product with the leather case, which I see is very attractive, but probably not as functional as this zipper case with it's hand holds and closing zipper. The only drawback is the high price.


Customer Buzz
 "Perfect for Travel" 2009-09-27
By Eleanor A. Mcmaster
This case is great for travel. It fits the Kindle perfectly and the extra pocket fits my iPod and ear buds case. I travel to and from work by airplane and this case contains everything I need during flight plus fits neatly in the airplane seat-pocket. I can also clip the reading light on and still zip it completely up because of the double zipper pulls. I highly recommend this case for your Kindle, especially if you travel a lot.

Customer Buzz
 "Patagonia Kindle Case" 2009-09-25
By M. Blair
As expected from a Patagonia label, the construction and materials are well suited to house a Kindle. The zipper is sturdy and the material is durable, flexible, and wipes clean with a wet cloth. My only dissatisfaction is with a part of the interior design. On the right hand side, there are strips of elastic that run at a diagonal at each corner, supposedly to hold the Kindle in place if choosing to read without removing it from the case. It's a great idea but does not work in practice due to the thin width of the straps. Otherwise. I am glad to have spent the money for this case. When zipped up, it looks like an nondescript agenda/day planner case, not a housing for an expensive piece of equipment--a good thing to keep the casual observer uninterested! --ML

Customer Buzz
 "kindle case" 2009-09-20
By Dixie Parsons
I wish I had spent the money for a better one. I had problems with the zipper and had to work with it for awhile.

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