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Merriam-Webster's Spanish-English Dictionary

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Merriam-WebsterÆs Spanish-English Dictionary is a completely new dictionary designed to meet the needs of English and Spanish speakers in a time of ever-expanding communication among the countries of the Western Hemisphere. It is intended for language learners, teachers, office workers, tourists, business travelersùanyone who needs to communicate effectively in the Spanish and English languages as they are spoken and written in the Americas.

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Customer Buzz
 "How to Choose and Use a Dictionary..." 2009-08-26
By Eric W. Vogt, Ph.D., Author of The Spanish Subjunctive Up Close, Spanish Pronouns Up Close and Spanish Past Tenses Up Close (Seattle, WA)
The old saying about dictionaries being obsolete by the time they are printed is less true now, with our modern technology, but there remains another weak link in the chain that we seldom talk about when reviewing dictionaries: the user. As a professor of Spanish (Golden Age) and as a professional translator (technical and literary), I am a dictionary junkie. That means I have all sorts of dictionaries, each with its particular strengths.

If a person uses a dictionary for what it is not meant to be and encounter problems, it is not from a weakness of the dictionary, but rather a misunderstanding of the user. "Don't use a screwdriver for a hammer" and then complain that it doesn't allow you to drive or remove nails well.

This dictionary is not going to give users the regional nuances of certain words. It isn't a source of information about comparative usage. For that, there are other dictionaries and reference materials, such as Cassell's beyond the dictionary in Spanish;: A handbook of everyday usage -- with a slight inclination toward Peninsular Spanish, written from the perspective of British English -- and a wonderful book. There is also Dictionary of Spoken Spanish.

Customer Buzz
 "small and powerful" 2009-07-31
By Evan Jones (Belmont)
This is a small dictionary with everything you need, including phrasing examples. I know very little Spanish, but needed something quick to talk to the crew which was working on my house. I found the task frustrating, as I am sure they did as well. This little book did the trick. Was able to explain exactly what I needed and get a job well done.

Customer Buzz
 "Solid bilingual dictionary" 2009-07-17
By Ann S. (Iowa City, IA)
I have about fifteen copies of this dictionary in my high school Spanish classroom. I think that it is more than adequate for most levels if Spanish learners.

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 "Excellent language aide" 2009-07-09
By Carolyn R. Griswold (Tennessee)
I am bilingual, English/Spanish, and have forgotten words I learned many years ago. This book is a boon, helpful if you need a specific word translated. I use mine often, practically every day. For those who need a little extra help, this is the book to use.

Customer Buzz
 "Recommended by Instructor" 2009-05-08
This dictionary was highly recommended by my instructor who has taught Spanish for over 25 years.

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