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e-Luminator2 Booklight for 2nd Generation Amazon Kindle

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The M-Edge e-Luminator2 booklight (patent pending) is the ultimate accessory for the Amazon Kindle. Based on the input of loyal M-Edge customers, this custom designed booklight has been developed to work seamlessly with the M-Edge Prodigy, Platform and Latitude Jackets. The powerful light features a super-bright LED light bulb which provides ample illumination for the Reader's screen while a mirrored reflector and optical quality lens disperses the light uniformly.The light is powered by a standard AAA battery (not included) with endurance enough for more than 20 hours of operation without dimming.The light is operated by a three position switch with two light intensity settings.A flexible and resilient steel neck allows the user to position the light in the desired direction.Perhaps the most impressive feature of this light is that it is designed to be stored via a slim support arm sized to match a pocket sewn into the back of many of M-Edge Jackets for the Amazon Kindle. The light pocket is conveniently located behind the Reader and does not interfere with the use of the Reader. When in the storage position, the light is located conveniently in the spine of the jacket so you can easily bring your light while on the go (for our Platform and Prodigy jackets). For our Latitude Jacket, there is a storage pocket to easily place your e-Luminator when not in use.

Technical Details

- Lightweight and compact booklight works seamlessly with most of M-Edges covers for 2nd Generation Kindle
- Light stows in many M-Edge covers and easily pivots up to allow for optimal light positioning.
- Powered with 1 AAA battery that provides more than 20 hours of use without dimming (battery not included)
- Optical lens spreads light evenly over Kindle screen, and Super Bright LED light bulb never needs replacing
- High and low light intensity settings allow for tailored screen illumination
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Customer Buzz
 "I love this Product!" 2009-10-02
By Susan G. Coleman
I love the e-Luminator 2 Booklight for my Kindle. The maker of this light were so clever to come up with a design to work so well with the cover for my Kindle. Now everything I need to read anywhere anytime is with me whenever I need it. I am so happy with this product. It is very well made, has a very bright light, and does not clip onto the Kindle. All clip on lights just move around to much and eventually fall off. There is a pocket on the cover that I bought that the light base slides into and is always kept in your cover with the Kindle. It is all so compact and handy. Great product!

Customer Buzz
 "Great.... but it does not fit!" 2009-09-30
By Kelly Exezidis (Houston, Texas)
Everything is great, except when I try and close my cover. I have the kind that folds over from the side, and it just won't close easily. If I try to force it, a section of the right side of my kindle is showing. Does anyone have any sugestions? Does another cover work better? I have the M Edge Go Cover, the exact cover that is in the picture of the light's description. I really hoped that it would fit inside my cover. I won't be carrying it in my bag with the light in place.

Customer Buzz
 "Great Light, Meets Expectations, Works Well with M-Edge Cover" 2009-09-29
By M. Phelps (New Hampshire)
I ordered this light and the M-Edge Prodigy jacket specifically because they worked together. Both work as advertised and I'm happy with the purchases.

Both were a little more expensive than other options on Amazon, but because they were made to work together and because the light was not a clip-on afterthought-looking product like you'd buy in an airport concourse electronics store, it seemed worth it. And, I'm happy with both. A couple of thoughts now that I've been using the light for a few weeks...

~ I bought the light for use on flights, but it's been great at home. Now the wife can sleep while I read as I don't need to turn a bed lamp on any longer. We're both happier as she gets more sleep and I can start reading in bed again.

~ Like other reviewers, I too can see no substantive difference between the two brightness settings. Not sure the point of this feature.

~ I've not had a problem with the light turning or staying on and the battery running down, but then as mentioned above, I purchased the jacket made to work specifically with this light, which protects the light and the on/off switch from external bumping.

~ It's hard to see from the pictures and description but the light swivels at its base, which allows the flexible neck to run vertically from the top of the "book" or run down the spine and remain within the cover. For the first week of use at night, I would dutifully open the cover fully, spin the light around at the base and run the neck up so it was above the Kindle by a few inches. However, I soon discovered that I could leave the neck running down the spine of the Kindle, moving the head and neck to such a spot that the screen was well illuminated. This, 1) cut out a set-up and take-down step, and 2) helped cover some of the brightness of the light from my wife (who sleeps to my left) with the left flap of the Prodigy cover.

~ Seems easy on the power as I'm still on my first AAA rechargeable battery, though I use it almost every night.

All in all, I'm happy with the product and would recommend it with the cover that's made to work with it.

For those in the market for both, here's the review I just left for the M-Edge Prodigy Kindle 2 cover that I just left for that purchase...

[I received the Kindle 2 as a gift a month ago and was looking forward to ordering a nice cover for it. After looking at the many options on Amazon I chose this jacket and am happy with it. Good quality, well-made and easily serves the purpose.

I ended up deciding on this, a little more expensive version of an M-Edge jacket, out of many choices as it was made to accommodate the M-Edge e-Luminator book light, which seemed like the best lighting option over the other clip-on model (of the two on the site which I could find), which didn't receive as many good reviews. As a combo set (cover and light) I'm happy with both.

However, after much deliberation of which color would look best with my Kindle, I chose this lighter brown version, based upon the photos on Amazon, thinking that it looked like a nice calf-skin leather color, like a journal or a nicely-worn piece of hand luggage. However, the actual color is more of a dull, tannish-grayish-light brown and not what I was expecting (think dried puppy barf, not a rich calf skin tan). It's still a good quality cover and works well, just not the color I was hoping for.

Also (not a product quality issue), I ordered the cover with free super saver shipping understanding that it would arrive by a certain date, in time for a planned trip. After the order, it took several days to actually ship and the stated delivery date changed and showed to a later date. So, I ordered the exact same cover again, but with 2-day shipping, paying for it this time so that I'd be sure to have it in time. But, both end up arriving on the same day. I returned one as planned, paying the return shipping costs, not a big deal (~$5 x 2 there and back), but pretty irritated that the delivery date estimate for the original order was so far off that I was forced to order the second version just to be sure I'd get it in time and then have it turn out as a unnecessary step and expense.]

Customer Buzz
 "As advertised" 2009-09-27
By Doc H
Great compliment to the M-Edge cover; the best part is leaving it attached to the cover where it is always available. Compact, well-constructed and well-designed, uses a single battery (I use it with rechargeables so the battery cost is minimal); the switch seems relatively flimsy in use, but so far no issues; as others have said, the 2-way brightness feature is (to my eyes) almost undetectable for any difference. The only downside is that it doesn't fully cover the screen with the light unless you place it relatively far away, and it delivers (I would estimate) less than half the light of the Mighty Bright if you're used to that. Sufficient to read in a dark room, but for those with less than good vision it might be a problem compared to brighter lights, which is why it doesn't rate a perfect "5". My advice for Mark 3: increase the brightness (maybe add a battery in series?), lose the 2-way switch and just use a push off/on switch.

Customer Buzz
 "not happy!" 2009-09-25
By Pam Hull (Longview, Texas)
I love that it slips right in, there is no bulk. The light itself is very bright and I like it better that the other kindle lights, doesn't work!! I can never get it to come on without shaking it or hitting it with my finger, I changed the battery thinking that was it, but I still have problems with it working!! It's as though there is a short in it somewhere. Once it finally comes on, it is awesome!! I think it would be worth a try to send it back and try again though.

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