Monday, April 7, 2008

The Perfect Recipe for Enjoying Cooking

Cooking is one of those things which you either love or hate, there are very few people which have no opinions on the preparation of food. However love or hate making food, there are very few who would say that they do not enjoy eating! Here are a few tips which could make preparation and the making of food a little less painless.

1. Always allow lots of time.

There is not a lot worse than having to rush recipes, it is one way of making sure that you will not enjoy cooking. You should always make sure that you have enough time to make your meal, this way you can be sure that you will not have to be too hasty with your cooking.

2. Make sure that you have all of the ingredients

This may sound obvious, but it is very annoying when you are all ready to go and then you realise that you have left something off from your shopping list. One way of making sure that you don?t forget anything important is to get the recipe items a few days before the meal and then check the ingredients the day before so if you have forgotten something, you will have enough time to get down the supermarket and get it.

3. Listen to music while you are cooking

If you really don?t like cooking then you can always have something on in the background to take your mind off of it. One of the best things to do this is music, so put on your favourite CD or radio station and you will find you can make the recipe on auto-pilot.

4. Make sure you have clean cooking utensils

It can be very annoying if you are all ready to create your masterpiece and then you find you have dirty pots and pans. Give yourself an extra hour or so to make sure that you have everything clean and ready for the task ahead.

5. Get help, if you can

Preparing the vegetables, chopping the meat and mixing the ingredients can be done by most people so try and offload this on to one of the end recipients of the meal, they should have to work to earn it after all! A bit of teamwork can always help making the stress of cooking a lot more enjoyable.

Gary Kingston writes for Utterly Recipes, an online cooking guide for those who want simple & quick recipes. The site offers recipes for, amongst others, beef, lamb, vegetarian and chicken recipes. We also have a really nice lasagne recipe you may want to have a look at!

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