Monday, April 7, 2008

French Cooking Schools

When one goes on a vacation, the two most important aspects are travel and cuisine. If France is the chosen destination, a traveler has the unique opportunity to combine both. Visiting a French cooking school enables one to learn regional cuisine from the best chefs and also enjoy the beautiful surroundings. Through the cuisine of a region, a traveler gets an insight into the fine culture of the region too. Some French cooking schools offer programs in English and thus cater to an international market.

The International Kitchen introduced the concept of a cooking school vacation in 1984. Visiting a French cooking school is essentially a tour combined with a French cooking experience, which makes it different from other holidays. A French cooking school experience can be anywhere between a weekend and a week long vacation. While on vacation if one does not have time for a French cooking school experience, one can opt for a cooking class a la carte and enjoy a similar experience.

French cooking school tours offer several food related experiences. One could choose wine as an option and learn about different kinds of wine. The course focusing on wines includes wine tasting sessions in which one gets to distinguish between the nuances of different wines. Other options include courses in breads, cheese, French pastries, chocolates, charcuterie or French cuisine cooking classes.

Gourmet food and cooking classes aside, one is allowed to sample foods, meet chefs and enjoy sightseeing. One can also visit local wineries and producers. These excursions do not cater to large groups as dealing with smaller groups enables the tour organizer to provide a personalized experience for each traveler.

French cooking schools can take you through Paris, Rhodes, Provence, Loire and Burgundy or many other unique regions of France. One is sure to experience a fine mix of culture, cuisine, entertainment and travel, which will satisfy and satiate the soul and the body.

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