Monday, August 18, 2008

Osasto EP

If it were possible for a computer to write a music program designed to destroy both the instruments that created the notes and the speakers that played them, this is it. This Finnish band has produced a record of relentless tones (notes seems too gentle a word), rhythms, and beats that seem intent on obliterating everything in their path. While that sounds like an intense proposition, Panasonic are not without their perverse charms. Though this is an EP of artificially produced music (they use computers), Panasonic's beats are so intense and so involved that they often implode upon themselves. This effect is nothing short of psychedelic (odd for such a noncompromising, electronics-only effort). As the pulses rain down upon each other, and Panasonic pepper the mix with pure chaos, certain songs seem to totter on the edge of the apocalypse. Thrilling. --S. Duda

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