Tuesday, March 20, 2007

How to find adsense niche keyword?

To find an adsense keyword.You have a lot of keyword tool that help you to find your niche keyword.Here is some keyword list that I been experience to use some.

nichebotclassic : Great free website that you can find a keyword from many great source like wordtracker ,overture, keyword discovery.The feature show you the how many search,ratio,site competitor.

overture:The great keyword finding site from yahoo.
Wordtracker and keyword discovery the keyword provider expert company.Keyword update everyday.The huge database of keyword.You can use free trial for limited time and limited keyword.

Clickequalizer (some aff link) Great for the adword business man.Clickequalizer show you how many adword in the keyword in Google,yahoo,miva etc.They also great for keyword research for adsense,too

Keyword Elite (some aff link) the tool from Matt cutt the internet marketing genius.The tool is brilliant feature and worth for your money.
Matt cutt the name is garuntree.This program is good.

Trellian SEO Toolkit v2.0One of best.It's have a lot of great feature in one.The program is process very quick not like some program.The keyword data base is huge so you extra more keyword more than other program 299.95 is pretty expensive but If you are the seriously internet gold miner I recommend this.Very good program.

Google keyword This one is free and this is very good you can find "How much you get for each keyword?"

You can find the adsense niche keyword by

1.put the keyword into search box > choose data to display:Keyword Search volume>press Get more keyword....I put the keyword "online doctorate degrees"
2.You will get the list then you can choose> Cost and ad position Estimates put in Us dollars and put the Estimate dollars like 1 dollars if the Estimated ad position is 1-3 that is the estimate value ppc for the keyword.


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veiko said...

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